A Sustainable Approach to Clinical Veterinary Practice

Drive sustainable change in your practice

This course will explore carbon footprinting, the principles of sustainability, responsible medicines use, waste management, resource use and how to drive behavioural change, empowering veterinary professionals to make sustainable changes in their veterinary work. This is a self-paced, 10-module, online learning course, equivalent to 35 hours of CPD.

A Veterinary Approach to Sustainable Food and Farming

Gain the knowledge and confidence to support sustainable changes on farm

This course will empower veterinary professionals working with farm animals to unlock their unique toolbox of skills and knowledge to help producers attain multiple sustainability objectives – for the benefit of the animals under our care, rural communities, wildlife and the wider environment. This is a self-paced, 10 module, online learning course, equivalent to 35 hours of CPD.

Carbon Literacy for Veterinary Professionals

Take meaningful action to tackle the climate crisis

Gain a clearer understanding of the basics of climate science, how the veterinary profession is impacting our climate and how climate change impacts the profession. Explore solutions you can implement in practice and gain confidence in talking about the changes you're making and why, with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Delivered through either two 4-hour, or four 2-hour live online tutorials, totalling 8 hours of training. Participants should be available to attend all 8 hours of tutorials live to get full benefit of the course and to receive a Carbon Literacy certificate.

Livestock and Climate Change - A Veterinary Perspective

Explore the complexities of animal welfare and climate change

Gain a clearer understanding of the basics of emissions science in relation to livestock production. Learn how animal health and welfare is impacting our climate and how changes to nutrition and husbandry can improve sustainability outcomes. Explore the potential solutions you can implement in practice, and gain confidence in talking about these with clients and colleagues. This is a self-paced, 6 module, online learning course, equivalent to 15 hours of CPD for farm veterinary professionals.

Are you ready to support meaningful change for a sustainable future?

As veterinary professionals, we are in a unique position to drive sustainability in veterinary organisations and champion high standards of animal care that also protect the wellbeing of people and the planet. Vet Sustain has teamed up with a selection of inspiring organisations to provide industry-leading sustainability education tailored to the needs of veterinary professionals across the world.

  • From carbon literacy training to sustainable agriculture, our courses provide the knowledge and skills that veterinary professionals need to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to contribute to solutions at individual and professional level for a sustainable future.

  • Designed to fit around busy work and life schedules

  • Self-paced, interactive, online learning

  • Inspiring and experienced trainers

  • Opportunities to join a community of like-minded veterinary professionals

  • Quality courses certified by widely recognised accreditors like LANTRA and The Carbon Literacy Project